WorkFit growth leads to more opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome

WorkFit is a programme designed to improve access to mainstream employment and other meaningful activities for people with Down’s syndrome. The programme officially launched in 2012 and it is dedicated in supporting employers in creating work opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome and providing bespoke support to each organisation and prospective jobseeker throughout the UK.

Our website acts as a hub connecting employers and prospective jobseekers. Through the website, employers can request profiles of available candidates looking for work, advice and guidance on developing roles and resources and aids. It also showcases various employment videos which bring to light the possibilities for employers seeking to employ an individual with Down’s syndrome and the dedicated support provision available. Prospective jobseekers have immediate access to employers who are offering jobs, information about how to get in work support and information on their welfare benefits.

Since its inception, we have worked closely with employers taking them through our bespoke support service. The training gives each employer a detailed insight into how to work effectively with people with Down’s syndrome making sure that each placement is sustainable and offers future development.

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Our unique approach has led to high praise from our employers, who have said:

“A very good positive impact – I now have a lot of knowledge and understanding that I never had before. This was a great session that has given detail in all aspects of how to work with this group of people.” Omega Training Services.

“Very positive and renewed my commitment.” Travelodge.

“Thought I knew a lot about Down’s syndrome but opened my eyes to the importance of work in their lives – and the extent of their aspirations. I feel that it is very positive and after initial implementation it can be very positive for employer and employee.” Cardiff University.

Calling All Inclusive Employers

WorkFit is making a real and measureable impact to employers and people with Down’s syndrome. With two new Employment Development Officers based in Wales and North of England, we are looking to expand our reach and create more work opportunities for people with Down’s syndrome. We are currently looking for employers in the following areas; South East Wales, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, London, Devon and High Wycombe. Register now and receive a free WorkFit assessment.

“I think all employers that have a suitable position for a person with Down’s syndrome should sign up to the WorkFit programme. Any concerns or worries they may have shouldn’t be a problem as the process of employing Jenny has been simple and it’s changed our work place for the better. Everybody deserves the chance to work if they want to.” Supervisor Morgan Richardson Ltd.

Our end goal is to provide a smooth transition from education into employment for people with Down’s syndrome. WorkFit has the interest and aspirations of people with Down’s syndrome at its core. We want employment opportunities to be built around the positive skills of the individual.


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