“I feel good about working here – I am proud”- Brent volunteers at his local church

WorkFit are delighted to have helped Brent to secure a volunteering placement at his local church in North East England. Brent regularly attends the church where he is a valued part of the community, performing key roles at services.

As Brent’s faith is a very important part of his life, he expressed an interest in working at the church café. We were able to offer the advice and support to ensure that the placement was successful and positive for everyone.

Brent began his placement in July 2016 and works 10 hours a week over 2 shifts. Brent has set tasks that he works on during his shifts. These include clearing tables, serving customers, washing up and baking. Brent has shown he can adapt to the needs of the café and was keen to help with making Christmas cakes as he really enjoys baking.

Brent is always busy during his shift and works hard. He

told us: “I like clearing the tables and serving customers. I like working with Stephen and Rose and everyone here. I feel good about working here – I am proud. I have learned new things. I tell my friends about my job”. His family are very proud of him, with his mother Jacqui telling us that Brent is very happy in his job.

At the café Brent is supported by the manager, Rose (pictured below with colleague Jackie). Brent has had fantastic support from his colleagues who have been enthusiastic and committed to supporting him and fully embraced the WorkFit programme.

Rose is keen to help Brent develop new skills including one of his favourite activities in making and icing cakes. Rose told us: “Brent’s attention to detail is exceptional. I know that when I ask Brent to do a job it will be done to a very high standard. For example, Brent ensures that all equipment goes back in exactly the right place, in the right way which is very important in a busy kitchen environment when staff need to be able to get hold of the right equipment quickly”.

Rose explained that Brent always listens carefully to what she says, especially when learning new things. “he’s brilliant! – an important part of the team. Brent is thoughtful and caring and is a real pleasure to work with. He shows great initiative and is always positive and professional”.

We wish Brent all the best for the future and thank Rose and the Church for their support. WorkFit North is possible due to the Big Lottery Fund England.

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