Fun Ways to Support WorkFit

There are a number of ways in which you and your colleagues can support the Down’s Syndrome Association to ensure we are able to continue to support every child and adult with Down’s syndrome and their families throughout their lives.

Take on the Great WorkFit Sock Challenge

Every year we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March – the date was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down’s syndrome. As well as numerous events taking place across the world, we join Down Syndrome International with their Lots of Socks campaign encouraging as many people as possible to either wear our special Lots of Socks or they’re own unique brightly coloured combination. 

This year we are encouraging our Corporate Supporters and WorkFit employers to join us to celebrate WDSD and we have therefore launched the Great WorkFit Sock Challenge.

A number of our WorkFit employers have already signed up to see how many pairs of our socks they can sell to their staff and we would love for more to join us to raise awareness of Down’s syndrome, our fantastic WorkFit programme and also the vital role people with Down’s syndrome play in our lives and communities.





2018 Great WorkFit Sock Challenge League Table

1st PlaceMorgan Sindall sold 1230 pairs raising £4,612.50

2nd Place – Wiltshire Police sold 909 pairs raising £2,824

3rd Place – Rabobank sold 536 pairs raising £2,113

Challenge 21

Down’s syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21. We have therefore come up with a selection of challenges for you all based on the number 21! The challenges are hugely varied, so anyone can take part, whether you are sporty, creative, or like to set yourself a challenge and have fun. Some of our challenges include sponsored activities such as 21 hour silences, exercise bike riding, or walking) or 21 days without your favourite things (chocolate, alcohol or social media), others are about things you can do for others such as 21 days of kindness or 21 days of new things.

The challenges are designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere and most importantly – good fun! We have information, support packs and resources available to support you with whichever challenges you decide to take on.

All of our challenges are fully adaptable, you can take part in fundraising and be sponsored to do them – have fun and raise money for the DSA at the same time!

Check out the details and watch the video for inspiration at: https://www.downs-

Challenge Events

We have a number of events throughout the year that you can take part in individually or as a team. Anything and everything from 5k fun runs to ultra-marathons; skydives to husky adventure challenges; bike rides to obstacle course races. Get in touch with the events team or visit our website for a full events calendar.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a simple, effective way to give to the DSA from your salary. Donations made through payroll giving are taken from your salary before tax, and the tax man pays the difference, which means that it is a tax efficient way to give on a regular basis.

Because the donation is taken from your gross pay, every pound you give will only cost you 80p, or only 60p if you are a higher rate tax payer.

You donate £5.00 £7.50 £10.00
Cost to you as a 20% tax payer £4.00 £6.00 £8.00
Cost to you as a 40% tax payer £3.00 £4.50 £6.00

To start giving to the Down’s Syndrome Association through your payroll, all you have to do is complete an online application form which can be found here –

Other Ways to Support

Matched Funding/Giving is when an organisation (normally a company) matches the amount of fundraising an employee does. This could be for a set amount per employee or £for£ matching. If you are taking part in an event or doing some fundraising for the DSA, be sure to ask if your company will match fund as it can make a huge difference to your total amount raised.

Venues – we are always on the lookout for venues to host our numerous training and fundraising events at. If you have a venue onsite that you may be able to donate free of charge to the DSA, please do get in touch.

Visit for further information, Call the Fundraising Team on 0333 121 2300 or email