WorkFit – A Parent’s Perspective

We love to hear how our candidates are getting on after being placed in work and so we were delighted to hear from Suzanne, Tom’s mum. Tom works for Timpson in the North West of England.

“With support from WorkFit, Tom started working at the Timpson engraving centre in the North West in November 2018. He began as a warehouse assistant for 16 weeks. The staff were so very welcoming, from their initial meeting with Tom, and have been fantastic since. He has been given so many opportunities to learn new skills and has become part of the team. When you ask Tom about working at Timpson he says “I really like working there and I like being with the lads”.

“Tom really looks forward to his working days; it has given him self-worth and confidence. He enjoys the banter with his colleagues; he had a fantastic time at the Christmas night out and is looking forward to the next night, at Bowling.

“In February a dream came true when Tom was made a permanent employee at Timpson! The impossible became possible!”

It is great to hear that Tom is doing so well. We are delighted by the expansion of our partnership with Timpson in the North West of England and hope others will be inspired to take on employees with Down’s syndrome in their workplace.

WorkFit supports people with Down’s syndrome to access meaningful work opportunities that can benefit the rest of their lives.

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