Isaac’s permanent paid job at The Botanist, Newcastle upon Tyne

WorkFit has recently been working with Isaac in Newcastle.

Isaac told us that he was keen to work in catering. He’d done work experience in a café and had really enjoyed it. He is a sociable young man, who also enjoys being part of a local theatre group, and he couldn’t wait to get a paid job in the catering industry.

WorkFit were pleased to have the opportunity to talk to Callum, Manager of The Botanist in Newcastle, about Isaac and Callum was keen to meet him to find out more about his career ambitions.

Isaac attended an informal interview with his mum, Carolyn. He had a look around the restaurant and found out more about the job. Despite being nervous, Isaac enjoyed his visit and meeting the restaurant staff…and got the job! Two weeks later, he started as a Busser, working part-time, as a member of the team setting up the restaurant for lunchtime service.

WorkFit provided free training to five of The Botanist staff team to help them to support Isaac. It was great to see them understanding more about Down’s Syndrome and learning about how to support people with Down’s Syndrome to be successful in their jobs.

WorkFit recently visited the restaurant to see how Isaac is doing. He has settled in to his job really well and has become a valued member of the team. Callum and Emma (Isaac’s “buddy”) both said “He’s doing really well!“

Isaac is setting tables, sorting out and drying clean cutlery and cleaning tables…which is the part of the job he likes the best. He said he is happy and likes Emma and the other members of the team and he is proud of his work. He looks smart in his uniform. His family are very proud of him too.

It is coming into a busy time for the restaurant, and we’ll be back to see Isaac in a few weeks’ time to see how he’s doing and what he has spent his first pay cheque on!

Isaac is a real success story…he has a job he loves and that he can do well; he’s earning his own money and gaining confidence and independence every day.

The Botanist have an enthusiastic and committed employee. Isaac’s colleagues have received excellent free training that will have broadened their experience and understanding and given them new skills. Customers of The Botanist have the chance to meet Isaac and they can see that The Botanist are an inclusive and supportive organisation committed to equality and diversity.

WorkFit continues to deliver significant impacts for people who have Down’s syndrome, their families, employers and co-workers/employees. WorkFit is actively supporting people who have Down’s syndrome into employment opportunities and encouraging them and their families to consider various types of work as realistic and feasible options.

WorkFit supports people with Down’s syndrome to access meaningful work opportunities that can benefit the rest of their lives.

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