Meet Craig who’s lovin’ it at McDonald’s

WorkFit are delighted to have supported Craig to fulfil his ambition to work at his local McDonald’s restaurant. He had his heart set on the job of Customer Care Assistant, where he would be welcoming people to the restaurant, making sure they enjoy their visit, cleaning the tables and keeping the restaurant area clean and tidy. He is well-suited to the role – he’s sociable, thoughtful, keen to help and a very hard worker.

Setting up a meeting

WorkFit talked to Craig about his career ambitions and then approached the owner of his local McDonald’s restaurant on his behalf. They spoke about the WorkFit programme and explained the support that the team could provide McDonalds. Jasper, the owner, was keen to meet Craig and offer an opportunity. With great support from Shelley, the Recruitment Manager, a meeting was set up for Craig, his mum and WorkFit where Craig was able to meet the team and find out more about the job.

Staff Training

A work trial was set up to give Craig the chance to try the job and he couldn’t wait to get started! Before he started work, WorkFit provided FREE training for 6 members of the staff to help them to support Craig to be successful in his role. One team member told us they were “very excited to learn about how to work with Craig”. Sandra, his Work Buddy, had met Craig before and was the ideal person to help him make the most of his opportunity there. All the staff who received the training were very positive about it, and felt they understood a lot more about what they could do to help Craig at work.

Craig’s Work Trial

Craig started his work trial just before Christmas and picked everything up quickly. Customers were delighted with the great service they received from Craig – finding high chairs for little ones, helping them with their orders at the kiosks, handing out balloons to children (with high fives all round!) and keeping the restaurant area spotlessly clean. One customer took the time to complete a feedback form to tell the manager how grateful they were for Craig’s help and what a difference he had made to their visit.

WorkFit Visit

WorkFit visited to see how Craig was doing after a few weeks. Everyone was positive about his work – he’s always on time, works hard and has learned what to do quickly. He is already a valued member of the team, contributing to the smooth running of the restaurant, and popular with both staff and customers. Craig couldn’t wait to tell us all about it – “I just love it!” he said.

His colleagues praised his commitment and hard work telling us: “He doesn’t stop”, “He’s always smart, polite and comes back from breaks on time without anyone having to prompt him”.

Julie, Craig’s mum, is delighted – she knew that once people could see how hard he works and how well he gets on with everyone, they would appreciate how valuable he. Craig has been asked if he can change one of his working days to a day that is busier because he is needed more on that day – a huge vote of confidence!

Starting Permanent Paid Work

Craig has passed his work trial with flying colours and will be starting permanent paid work next month. He is a great ambassador for other people with Down’s syndrome who want to work. His success is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with WorkFit’s advice and support. He is also a testament to McDonald’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce which brings many benefits to staff and customers alike.

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