Meet our Employment Development Officer for North West England – Molly Keal

After completing formal education I chose a slightly unconventional route. Instead of heading straight to university, I invested my passion for supported others into working in a residential community for adults with learning disabilities. Through participating in the residents’ every lives, I developed a strong sense of what it means to have a sense of purpose.

At the root of this sense of purpose was the importance of participating in meaningful and valuable work, in which every person is valued for their contribution. The WorkFit programme directly reflected my values, in that given the right support; every single person can thrive and contribute to society.

In 2015, I went to study Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester. Working in a residential setting combined with a strong passion for social justice, I conducted research into the social and political implications of non-invasive prenatal screening on the Down’s Syndrome community.

I then worked for an international NGO which currently supports over 50,000 children in Punjab, India to access free education. I redesigned the charity’s marketing resources and created an English conversation syllabus for primary school children, aged 8-15. After six months, I returned to the UK to pursue a role in the supported employment sector.

I feel privileged to be a member of the WorkFit team to be part of a supported employment programme which has such positive impacts on people’s lives. I’m excited to work with forward thinking employers and motivated candidates in the North West to redefine societal perceptions of Down’s syndrome and create life changing opportunities.