WorkFit North Evaluation Reports

We wanted to let you know that our formal evaluation reports for the WorkFit ‘North’ Project (2017-2020) have been published.

We are delighted with the findings and hope that you enjoy reading the feedback from our members who have Down’s syndrome, their families and their employers and colleagues. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Evaluation of the WorkFit North Project 2017-2020 EASY READ

Evaluation of the WorkFit North Project 2017-2020 

“I feel happy – I love it! My boss says I work hard and am a busy woman. I am happy with my social life and my new friends at work. I have monthly wages. I am waiting to get engaged and I’d like to get married.” WorkFit Candidate, North West


“WorkFit have been incredibly enabling for our son to find successful paid employment. He thoroughly enjoys his work. The staff have been welcoming, flexible and determined to ‘get it right’. We have felt so supported in the process and feel optimistic that our son will continue to extend his skills and knowledge in his work. Thank you to all involved. We are so proud.” Parent of a WorkFit Candidate, Yorkshire and Humberside


“It’s worked really well. Our candidate is a good part of the team. WorkFit did the training, then introduced us to our candidate. It was simple straightforward and supportive. Having the EDO as a link with WorkFit our candidate and her family was good. Our EDO was lovely to work with she understood our business quite well. In a commercial environment she understood what we needed regarding health and safety and our business.” WorkFit Employer, Yorkshire and Humber


The WorkFit model has won a number of awards as a successful supported employment programme and has nominated some of our amazing employers who have won the British Association of Supported Employment “Best Employer Practice” Award  for the last 4 consecutive years.
WorkFit team members have twice been recognised in the Practitioner of the Year category.

From the concluding comments of the report we noted . . . . .

“Candidates say that their life has changed dramatically for the better by having a paid job, feeling happier, having increased wellbeing, confidence and independence as well as spending power. Dreams have been fulfilled for people with Down’s syndrome and their families because of WorkFit.


Families and employers speak very highly of the WorkFit Team, their commitment and their flexible support. Employers value the unique WorkFit approach, the personalised training and support from the team and the strong relationships they have developed.
Stakeholders and employers regularly recommend that more funding become available for more WorkFit staff so that more placements in more areas can be achieved. Often employers are so passionate about WorkFit that they promote the project within their organisation and externally.


WorkFit Team members who were part of the WorkFit North project are pictured above.

WorkFit is also having a wider impact on people’s beliefs and aspirations for people with Down’s Syndrome as the testimonies of the candidates, employers and families has shown within this report. WorkFit has challenged discrimination and supported the fight for inclusion and an equal society from a position of promoting the benefits and advantages for all involved”

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