Sarah’s Story

Hello, my name is Sarah.

I have Mosaic Down’s syndrome – one in 1,000 people have Down’s syndrome, but only 1 in 50,000 have Mosaic Down’s syndrome like me.

I am not very academic, but I get by on what I know and putting on a front and looking as if I know what I’m doing.

I tend to copy people. I try to fit in and be like everyone else, so people do not see my learning disability. I always need clear instructions when working with people who set me tasks. I need to remember to ask when I need help. I was always being pulled out of lessons in school because I could not do the work and had one-to-one sessions with the work I could do.

My sisters and my parents have always supported me and helped me. They have helped and fought to make sure I get the right help for me. Life skills for me has taken time to learn.

People who have Down’s syndrome are all different and we all have skills. I am very proud of mine!

I have a spinal injury as well as Down’s syndrome, so that makes life more difficult and complicated for me.

I live independently in my own flat for 15 years now. I can also drive a car fitted with hand-controls.

I am very much a family person and I am close to my two sisters who I keep in contact with almost every day. I see lots of pictures of my niece and nephew but because of Covid I haven’t been able to see them for months. I have not met my nephew yet. I have five cousins and I hope to see them all in the summer. They all have babies and young children.

In the past, I have worked as a classroom assistant in a school for some years. I have also done voluntary work too. Working at XPO is great for me and is the best job by far! I work as a Co-pack Administrator on payroll and work along side the HR team.

When I’m at home, I like to watch tv, listen to the radio and do jigsaws. My parents have a cat who likes to sit on my knee when I visit them. I do the occasional Pilates sessions to keep me fit.

We would like to say a VERY BIG thank you to Sarah who has joined #Team21 this month with her own #Challenge21.

You can visit her fundraising page here.

Sarah’s colleagues at XPO are also supporting her fundraising efforts…thank you all so much!