Joshua’s Journey with Marshall Fleet Solutions

WorkFit Candidate Joshua found successful employment at Marshall Fleet Solutions in Tamworth, with the support of WorkFit.

Joshua started his WorkFit journey in February 2022, after hearing about other people finding jobs through WorkFit. Joshua had finished college the previous year and wanted to take the natural next step in starting his career.

Matching the right employer with the right candidate

In April 2022, Marshall Fleet Solutions (MFS), the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle service providing sales, service and parts support for the UK transport and distribution industry, registered with WorkFit. Mark, the Managing Director of MFS was inspired to get involved after hearing the success of the WorkFit Programme on the BBC’s One Show.

Steph Gilham, HR Partner for MFS identified a fantastic new, purpose-built site as the perfect location for welcoming Joshua into the MFS team. To ensure that Joshua’s position would be a success, Steph and her team worked alongside WorkFit to develop an exciting employment opportunity based on Joshua’s skill set and aptitude.

The staff from the Marshall Fleet Solutions team received Down’s Syndrome awareness training. This covered a range of relevant areas, including bespoke workplace communication and the best ways to support an employee with Down’s Syndrome. Steph Gilham, HR Partner for MFS said, “The training offered was a fantastic opportunity for our team to gain in-depth knowledge of working with an individual who has Down’s syndrome. The feedback was extremely positive, and the team feel in a better position to support Joshua in his new role at MFS”.

After a successful informal interview and site visit, Joshua started his position in August 2022, working four hours a week as a Parts Assistant. Joshua said, “The best thing about working at Marshall Fleet Solutions is I love working really hard. It’s great to be part of a team and they’re all really nice people”.

This is reflected by Joshua’s family who said, “The difference in Joshua is incredible. We couldn’t be more grateful to Marshalls, Molly (his WorkFit Officer), Workfit and the DSA for this wonderful opportunity. His self-confidence and belief have soared, he is achieving things we never thought would be possible. He has a real sense of purpose and his favourite day of the week is Monday – the day he goes to work!

A valued member of the team

Since joining the Marshall Fleet Solutions team, Joshua has excelled in his position. At Joshua’s first review, he shared the tasks that he has mastered, including packing and sticking boxes, loading lorries, completing slips for collecting goods and making up the boxes. Joshua has also supported with the Tamworth Site’s Open Day, in which he greeted everyone attending the event, handed out goody bags and guided visitors around the new site.

Joshua is highly regarded by his colleagues and is known for his infectious smile and an unrivalled work ethic. Joshua is keen to take on any challenge and to develop and progress in his role at MFS.

Joshua’s workplace buddy, Phil said, “I’m impressed, we didn’t expect to be at this point already, he’s coming on leaps and bounds. He really enjoys coming here and he’s excited to do new tasks and loves meeting new people. We have now included stairs in Joshua’s work, which he was initially apprehensive about. He will now go upstairs and bring down parts, carrying them safely and holding the bannisters. They are all little goals but everything he has had a go at, he’s achieved.”

Joshua receives outstanding support from his colleagues at Marshall Fleet Solutions, who are passionate and committed. We are very grateful to Marshall Fleet Solutions for their continued dedication to the WorkFit Programme. 

To find out more about WorkFit and how we support people who have Down’s Syndrome to access meaningful work opportunities that can benefit the rest of their lives, please contact the team on 0333 12 12 300 or email us on For more information visit the WorkFit website: