WorkFit candidates join Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s reception for Disability History Month

WorkFit Manager Alison and WorkFit Officers Lydia and Adriana had a wonderful evening at Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s reception for Disability History Month. Sir Lindsay Hoyle is Speaker of UK House of Commons. It was a hugely memorable event, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to attend.




WorkFit candidates Amy, Safiya, Robert, Beth, James and Jessica were also in attendance, and will be starting new roles at UK Parliament soon. James gave a speech at the reception, alongside Mr Speaker, Robert Halfon MP and Marsha de Cordova MP.

A parent of one of the WorkFit candidates due to join the catering team in Portcullis House, said ‘This will be her first job and she is very excited. It makes her feel like she is being taken seriously and that people are seeing her and her abilities. She’s got a huge amount to offer, and I know the experience will be rewarding for all involved.

Sir Lindsay said, ‘I am so excited that we are being joined by six incredibly talented individuals, who have so much to offer Parliament. I have already heard from the catering and delivery teams what a difference they are making. To my mind their appointment is long overdue.’

Thank you to everyone involved, particularly Wes Auvache OBE and all his team.


Following this event, the WorkFit candidates and their WorkFit Officer were interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Today in Parliament and The World Tonight programme in December.

You can listen here – – from about twenty minutes in.



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