If you have Down’s syndrome and want to find work opportunities, register on to the WorkFit programme below.

Work means different things to different people. Some people want a paid job; some people want to do voluntary or unpaid work.

WorkFit staff will listen to your hopes and ambitions and can help to you to be more independent, get new skills, meet new people, earn money, and feel proud of yourself.

See below to find more information on your options.

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Work Experience

It is a great way to get some real life work experience of the work you want to do while you are at school or college. It usually lasts between 6-12 weeks.


  • You will learn about the world of work
  • You will get to experience a range of different work options
  • You will get to try a work area before making a commitment to that type of work
  • Build your skills and get new references

Benefits Information

To find out how work experience will affect your benefits click here.

What support will I get?

The DSA will put you in touch with the right employment support agency and/or employer.

If you want to find some work experience, register on to the WorkFit Project. If you need help, ask your carer/parent.