“I like everything about the job- everyone is really nice and friendly” – Charlotte’s placement with Costa Coffee

WorkFit have recently been working with Costa Coffee to secure a 12 week work experience placement for Charlotte.

Following a successful informal interview and work trial, Charlotte began her placement at the coffee shop as a Costa Team Member, working for 4 hours on Fridays. She coped well with an early start to the day in the busy and popular store.

Prior to Charlotte’s appointment, the staff who would be working with her were given Down’s syndrome awareness training. This included how they could make adjustments to tasks in order to give Charlotte the information that she would need to do the job in a way that would suit her learning profile.

Feedback from the training was very positive with comments like “The training has been a real eye-opener and I feel like I know Charlotte already” and “people with Down’s syndrome are just like everyone else”.  

Mark, Costa manager says: “Charlotte is doing brilliantly; she is welcoming and gets on well with customers and colleagues. She is reliable and punctual and her confidence shines through in the way that she is chatty and sociable”

Charlotte says “I like everything about the job and I do the pot wash, clear tables and serve customers. I like the staff, especially my buddy Irram who is now a friend. Everyone is really nice and friendly”

Charlotte  has received great support from colleagues at Costa who were keen to embrace the WorkFit programme and help Charlotte to learn new skills at her pace using a range of aids to support her.

Feedback from the team has been extremely positive, in particular around the way that Charlotte adapted to a busy customer service area. She has learned about working in a team, gained a greater understanding of food safety and expanded her knowledge of customer service.

WorkFit are delighted to have expanded our relationship with Costa following successful placements in Wales. We thank them for their support and look forward to continuing our relationship in future.

WorkFit supports people with Down’s syndrome to access meaningful work opportunities that can benefit the rest of their lives.

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