Ffion- My Story

My name is Ffion.  When I returned to school as a 6th form student I was very nervous and excited about the new changes and challenges I would be experiencing.

Down's syndrome

Being a 6th form student, it is very different. Teachers talk to you like an adult and you can decide what subjects you like to study.

I’m really enjoying Hospitality and ICT. We had a Christmas 6th form Ball. No teaching staff could attend!

I have started working one day a week at CAVS as a work placement. I go with my teaching assistant. I enjoy working at CAVS because the staff are very nice and helpful. I feel grown up and part of the staff. I can wear my own clothes which I like, the office can be very busy and I like meeting new people. I have learned new skills from using the photocopier, organising files and preparing meeting rooms with refreshments. I also did shredding skills. I feel confident about my work.

My favourite job is meeting and greeting visitors. I enjoy helping the CAVS staff and I love learning new tasks. Working here makes me feel professional, confident, happy and independent.

I live in south west Wales, near my school.

My town has a beautiful beach and it is really busy during the summer holidays.

I enjoy listening to Olly Murs. I went to see Olly Murs in concert. I enjoy watching X Factor. My hobbies are writing, cooking and singing.